Apple Enters TV Streaming Market with Apple TV+


On its annual event held at Apple's headquarters in California, Apple has unveiled its new TV streaming platform, the Apple TV+.

On the TV streaming market currently split between Amazon and Netflix, Apple is a new entrant with power to reshape the streaming marketplace. Yet to do so, Apple will need to create content that can appeal to the viewers of Amazon and Netflix, both of which have put extensive efforts and attention creating their own leading-edge content.

Apple’s new TV streaming platform has been unveiled by New Hollywood director Steven Spielberg, who two weeks earlier had heated exchange with Netflix over the eligibility of films produced for OTT distribution for the Academy Award. According to Steven Spielberg, only films shown in theaters for more than 3 weeks prior to OTT distribution shall be eligible for the Academy Award. Perhaps this event will stay in everyone’s memory because it was Steven Spielberg himself who unveiled the Apple's new streaming platform.

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