Corporate Interviews


Growing number of organizations use interview videos to engage and motivate their audience. Interview is the most cost-effective framework for communicating to staff and supply chain in a long-format message. 

We always advise our clients to think of creating their own in-house video interviews on specific topics of relevance, without worrying about visuals of the video. The targeted professional audience will be grabbed by non-visuals such as the informative discussion, and balanced and unbiased arguments.

A simple, yet a powerful interview can be produced at premises using one to three static cameras on tripods, positioned within 180 degrees. A three-camera interview is produced using a wide-angle camera with medium shot capturing an interviewer and an interviewee, and two cameras for close ups of the interviewer and interviewee. The sequences of the interview from each camera are combined using the editing software.

Key to creating powerful interviews for professional audience is familiarity and relevance of the discussion. This makes interview framework particularly relevant for firms operating in knowledge sectors of the economy targeting professional audience with engaging discussions about trends, practices or technologies.

Last but not least, in-house interviews are often valuable building blocks for corporate films. When we design corporate films for our clients, their in-house interviews are source of information and inspiration for us to create unique visual masterpieces.

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