5G Will Change How and What Content We Consume


Everyone we talked to agrees that 5G bandwidth will change the digital space. But this is even more so in the supply chain of video content.

New-level bandwidth availability and reliability will radically alter how and where we consume video content. 5G bandwidth will enable IP delivery of UHD and 4K content to any device - TV or phone - and anywhere. 5G will also radically alter the production of content as connectivity equipment and solutions will no longer pose the entry barrier to content producers, allowing any content producer to enter the market with high quality and high reliability content.

5G bandwidth will therefore alter the entire supply chain of video content, as entry of new content producers will profoundly reshape the entertainment mix. New varieties of programming will emerge to capture the audience with virtually real and seemingly live and unedited images.

With new varieties of content available anytime and anywhere, consumer preferences are expected to permanently shift towards short-form programming. Anticipating this radical change, Netflix, Amazon and Hulu have already conducted repeated tests and experiments with premium short-form programming. Lately Netflix has introduced “Follow This” documentary series of 15 minute long episodes produced by BuzzFeed News – a radically new format of storytelling by journalists.

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