How to Protect Videos with Sensitive Information?


As videos are becoming one of main means of knowledge transfer, there is a growing concern about the safety of information they contain and accessibility. These concerns play major role in product and marketing videos distribution strategy. Here are three solutions we advise for safeguarding your video content.

Password Protection

Once set, the password restricts access only to the viewers who know the password for the video. This is a decentralized solution for video content management as users can share the video and the password to access it without permission of the owner.

Large number stand-alone video apps and programs offer password protection at zero cost.

Secure Viewer Accounts

Secure viewer accounts offer centralized solution for sharing video content, which allows owners to manage their audience by granting video access to an individual or a group. With login protection the owners create a secure viewer accounts, setting the downloading and viewing time options.

Filmive has developed a proprietary platform for video hosting and distribution that is an easy-to-use, secure and flexible solution for distribution of video content to selected audience. Our Enterprise Video Platform is built for organizations to distribute their videos to end-users on multiple devises and anytime.


Geo-whitelisting or geo-blocking allows owners to designate specific countries or regions where the video content can be played. This feature is relevant for product and marketing videos with the pricing information tailored to specific geographical areas or for excluding accessibility in certain regions. Most of digital OTT platforms we have tested offer geo-whitelisting features.

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